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Some people just don’t get that we do affect the climate

From a older post on Facebook in response to this:

“that conservation is not, nor will it ever be the answer to “repairing” or stopping global climate change (if it even exists and if it is even our fault). Technology is and always will be the answer. Nuclear power is one great solution. Offshore oil platforms will help too.”

My response:

Here’s the rub – whether or not we have an effect on the planet as a whole, we do have an effect on our survivability. It make take a few million years to recover, but the geological record shows that climate has changed, atmosphere has changed, mass extinctions have occurred for various reasons, and earth keeps chugging. But the kicker is, in all of those cases, none of the conditions were brought about by an inhabitant. There is a wad of man-made trash floating in the Pacific twice the size of continental US made of stuff we created with unnatural chemicals. Didn’t get there by itself and couldn’t get there by itself – plastics do not occur in nature. So Charles’ paper concludes with a glib quote that we’re not going to affect the earth, but we are, we do, and we may not be around as a species to see the recovery. Or very, very few of us.

“Fox News still trafficking in birth certificate theories”

Faux”News” asked yet again, “Should Obama Release Birth Certificate? Or Is This Old News?”

Not only old news, but not news at all.  This was asked (unbelievably, but it was, even spawning a couple lawsuits), and answered (several times over). They are indeed absurd.

Clearly, Fox is the penultimate train wreck to which Jerry Springer aspired.

Supreme Court nominee and media spin

As Media Matters notes here, there will be a fight over the recent Supreme Court nominee.  While this is not new, such blatant statements of intent to obstruct are quite telling of the political motives.  If the Democrats attack this with their usual dysfunctional approach, they stand to lose ground.  We can already see that the media are misquoting Judge Sotomayor, and spinning her comments; Fox will get a lot of ignorant mileage out of this.

I see so many opportunities to turn the rhetoric back on the conservative mouthpieces, yet the Dems always fail.  The election of 2004 was Kerry’s to lose, and lose he did.  They need to learn to stay on point and turn the twisted take back to the truth.  This whole business of demanding Pelosi’s resignation is simple shifting of attention and it disturbs me that the DNC doesn’t blitz back with “Why should she resign over knowing something about, and having no control over, the very thing you said was okay?”  Public opinion is fickle, and tends to swing to whoever is yelling the loudest.  I think until the Dems learn to play to same underhanded game as the Republicans, they’ll lose.  Makes me think more and more that they got lucky in 2008.  Sort of like Reagan winning in 2000 – people were not so much voting for Reagan as against Carter.  And even though Bush wasn’t running again, people were still voting against him.

First blog ever

I’ve started this to return my Facebook to a more friendly, fun site and publish the more controversial thoughts and discussions here.  I plan to throw out book recommendations, throughts on religion, science, politics, and more.