Roman Polanski is not a victim

I’m borrowing that title from a Time online article, but it most certainly is appropriate.

Imagine if a man drugged and had sex with a 13 year old girl.  Imagine that man, any man, not only drugged the girl, and had sex with her, but asked her if he could. Does that make it any less of a crime?  Excuse me, sweetie, do you mind if I do vile things to you?  When told no, he did anyway. Now imagine is that same man asked (and again was told no) if he could have anal sex with the 13 year old girl, and did so against her will. Who is the victim? Certainly not the man.

After pleading guilty to a deal for one count of unlawful intercourse, and serving 42 days but was going to be sentenced to more time, if that man fled the country, and a 31 year old arrest warrant was still in place, and that man was arrested, who would come to his defense for the rape of a child?

If that man is Roman Polanski, apparently his Hollywood director’s guild, and a lot of France would come to his defense. Allegations of judicial tampering aside, the crux of the case is that he did it and admitted to it. People serve more time for lesser offenses. The case could not be retried unless the state brings the charges as the victim forgives him and doesn’t want him to serve more time.

He raped a child.  He is not a victim.


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