They’re testing the wrong people

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It occurred to me today that, as my title suggests, “they” are testing the wrong people.  Immigrants are given a test by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services agency.  This is a test that I’ll wager most adults born and raised in the good ol’ U.S. of A. couldn’t pass. How many amendments does the Constitution have? How many voting members are in the House of Representatives? Some questions are easier than others.  Some not so.  I’ll also wager that not every Senator and Representative has actually read the Constitution.  They’re too busy voting on party lines. The beautiful and yet tragic element of our form of government is that anyone can run and get elected to office, with no experience necessary.  In today’s Congress, no experience is preferred: they need only vote according to their party affiliation. Now that’s bipartisanship working at its best!

Now another group of people that get tested to extremes are those trying to adopt.  Who made those in charge the judge and jury of such a matter?  And what are the qualifications?  So many good people are turned down.  Andrea and I went through a year of classes in New York (the city) only to be told at the end that there were “no white babies” available for us.  Okay, apart from how wrong that was on every level, and that we told them over and over that we were not looking for a “white baby”, it didn’t matter to them.  So we had two more natural sons.  Now how many others get turned down?  How about a humiliating invasion of privacy called a “home study”? I don’t see that as part of the test given to people who become parents the “natural” way.  Put together two people who have unprotected sex and they end up with an unwanted byproduct; voila! no test. There are people who just shouldn’t be parents.  No test.

The military has a test.  Congress doesn’t.  An immigrant seeking citizenship does.

Civil service has a test. Parenthood doesn’t. But adopting parents are tested extensively.

Rarely qualified for office yet elected to state  education boards anyway may or may not have tests that may or may not evaluate how well arbitrarily selected curricula are absorbed by students that may or may not have been taught to the test or even be able to take a test.  Yet, no tests for those board members.  Hmm.

I think I’ve taken more tests than most in my lifetime, and I’m not done yet.  I have been tested for parenthood, passing by “their” standards (we also fostered children for a while).  I’ve not been tested for citizenship.

For another rant, we can discuss the point of tests.  Do they show how much you know or how much you don’t know?


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