PE Preps – Part the Third and a third

I have learned that my explanation about the pencil vs pen issue and potential cheating was not as clear as I thought when I drafted it late last night.


  • Test takers cannot bring pens, pencils, sharpies, highlighters, crayons, pieces of coal into the test center. Only reference books, and bound notes (bound can mean hole-punched and put in a 3-ring binder, but not a glued pad of paper – interesting that distinction)
  • The test agency provides mechanical pencils only for the test takers.
  • Test takers can only write in the provided test booklet
  • Any pencil writing NOT in the test book will be assumed to have been written AFTER starting the test, thus compromising the security of the test because it could mean that the test taker was writing down test questions to pass on to the next test taker

So, to prevent mistaken perceptions on the part of the proctor, I need to highlight over the pencil marks I’ve made (to prove that they are pre-existing), and either write everything else in pen, or photocopy the pages, AND,

don’t write in anything but the test booklet AND put the pencil down when looking in the reference material I brought in (that’s going to take training, because it’s inefficient.)


Oh, and I have 99 days left to study as of tomorrow. Yay.


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