Monthly Archives: August 2010

PE Preps…the saga continues

Short note today.  Studying is progressing well, but I need to step it up.  Only 75 study days left as of tomorrow.

I found a blog ( of a woman who started it while on her third go around (she did pass that time) and she had some good insights as well as a host of problems she worked out and posted.  Her afternoon specialty was structural, which is not my choice, but as they taught us in the many several leadership classes in the Navy – “using all available resources…”

I also found that Texas A&M (my Master’s degree alma mater) Civil Engineering Department posted a set of videos to help prepare.  They are dated (have to be from around 2001 or earlier) as the exam format has changed twice since they recorded them, but the material covered is still germane. Site here for anyone interested:(  I haven’t watched more than a minute or two, just to check them out, but I will later as I work through more problems.

And problems I am working!  I stopped the (re)learning and switched to working problems.  That from a tip on the first blog site – she, while admittedly on her third trip to the dance, realized that she was “wasting” her time studying since she had to go to the books to look up how to solve the problems anyway.  I still think I need to absorb more of the material from classes I never took, but her approach makes sense to me.  So, I’ve adapted.

Even though there is only about six minutes to solve a problem on the exam, I’m taking as long as I need right now, because I’m indexing the solution resources, the equations needed, constants used, cross-referencing everything so that when I come across something similar on the actual exam, I’ll be able to (hopefully) solve it more quickly.  I plan to run through all the five specializations and then run through them again.  And again.  My primary focus will be water resources and environmental for my afternoon depth exam, so I’ll be working a lot of those problems.

Only 75 days.  It’s a long time.

Or not.  Regardless, I will pass it the first time.  (Because I don’t relish doing this all over again!)