Christmas Lights 2010

‘Twas a week before Christmas – I’m finally done!

Presenting my lights with nary a pun

While weaving these pics in a narrative tale

And treating myself to an Old Fezziwig Ale


The icicles were hung by the gutters with care

(I’m far too old to be falling from there)




Two soldiers were placed in position to guard

A view of the porch and the rest of the yard




The swags and the wreath were hung on the house

Fluffed out and lit up with the approval of spouse




The arches are old, and sometimes will go out

But my tools help me fix them, was there any doubt?

A new addition to the group this year

Is a 15 foot balloon, with Santa – sans beard

(For some reason it came without any whiskers,

So we added our own, to silence the tsk-ers )

It’s bigger than other inflatables I’ve done

(So big it spilled on to the neighbor’s lawn!)



The Gingerbread people are back on the line

Next to Santa and reindeer and holding a sign




The sleigh and team landed, all lit up quite bright

Though others are having a heckuva night!




The green tree’s a staple, now 15 years going

(Takes two separate circuits to keep that thing glowing!)




It’s a lot of work, yes, but, Oh! What a sight!

Happy Holidays, my friends, and to all a good night!






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