50 Sitcoms I’ve Watched

Coming up with weekly lists of 50 isn’t as easy as I thought, particularly as I started early. I’d thought of TV shows, and had to split it out into comedies and others. A couple aren’t real sitcoms and only one of these wasn’t active in my lifetime, but then I’m only adding it to one that was…

  1. The Big Bang Theory – the best on television right now, and in years
  2. The Munsters
  3. The Addams Family – started streaming this recently…it’s a lot funnir than I remember
  4. Friends
  5. Cheers
  6. Gilligan’s Island
  7. F Troop
  8. Hogan’s Heroes
  9. Get Smart
  10. The Muppet Show
  11. Everybody Loves Raymond
  12. Happy Days – the inspiration for the phrase “jumped the shark”!
  13. Seinfeld – I didn’t like it when it was on, but it grew on me
  14. Will & Grace
  15. Dharma & Greg
  16. 3rd Rock from the Sun
  17. Saturday Night Live – until the original cast left, then only rarely…Ackroyd, Belushi, et al never used teleprompters
  18. ALF
  19. The Nanny
  20. Soap (and the spinoff…)
  21. Benson
  22. Perfect Strangers
  23. The Brady Bunch
  24. The Partridge Family
  25. Whose Line Is It Anyway? – okay, not a sitcom, but where else do I put it?
  26. M*A*S*H
  27. Taxi
  28. Bob Newhart’s various incarnations
  29. That Girl
  30. The Larry Sanders Show
  31. The Lucille Ball Show (and I Love Lucy, of course)
  32. WKRP in Cincinnati
  33. Petticoat Junction
  34. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
  35. Wings
  36. Coach – got to see a taping of a couple of the shows; Andrea’s laugh was very distinctive on one of the scenes…now if I could only remember which episode it was…
  37. Mad About You – saw one of these too
  38. Who’s the Boss?
  39. Mr. Ed
  40. Mork and Mindy
  41. Family Affair – poor Buffy
  42. The Monkees
  43. Green Acres
  44. Home Improvement
  45. The Beverly Hillbillies
  46. Bewitched
  47. I Dream of Jeannie
  48. Three’s Company
  49. The George Lopez Show
  50. Malcolm in the Middle – I only watched season one on DVD, and a few here and there, but the inanity grabbed me

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