Cool numbers from real life

Our van is a 1999 Chevrolet Express custom. We bought it in November 1999; three months later, we learned we were going to Korea. Given that it was oversized, we had to pay extra to get it there (“extra” meaning over what the military allowance was), and of course, extra to bring it back. Very worth it, despite that extra $1,660.

While in Korea, it was an occasional attention getter, because some Korea celebrities like to use custom vans instead of limos. It made the trips to Seoul and back (only 270 miles one way, but usually five to six hours) much more bearable. We were there seven years, and brought back a seven year old van with only 60,000 miles on it.

Our latest road trip was to Cincinnati, Ohio, 950 miles from Dallas. On the way back, the odometer “rolled” (it’s digital, as you’ll see) through this:

Now, number geek that I am, I like this one because it had rotational symmetry. Turn it upside down and it reads the same.

I watched for the next milestone, which was pretty cool:

But not as cool as:

which, while cool in itself, and one that most people mark, it was was nowhere near as cool as this was for me:


  • It has symmetry about the vertical axis,
  • It has symmetry about the horizontal axis,
  • It has rotational symmetry, AND……
  • It is palindromic!

There. Geek out, if you are so inclined. I (obviously) was.


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