Oh, for a clone or two…

…but only if I actually have some shared experience. Not like Michael Keaton in Multiplicity.

Between Andrea’s business (CityArtCal), her latest project (Parade of Giants), my normal work and my participation in Plano’s 2012 Management development program…I’m in need of another me. I haven’t written much of anything for Dangerous Intersection for a long while, nor have I written anything here. I want to, but by the time I have time to sit down to write/think, the brain is tired.

To balance the lack of output, I’ve jacked up the input. I gave up football and the morning dose of sports radio, trading the time for something more substantial: I’ve been listening to some Great Courses from The Teaching Company. I’m juggling John McWhorter’s The Story of Human Language (a fascinating lecture series!) and History of Science: Antiquity to 1700 (very nearly as fascinating). Add a slew of management/leadership books and Robert Heinlein (still not impressed, but then I’ve been reading his stuff in order of publication…I’m up to 1956 as of this writing) and I’m definitely intellectually stimulated.

Oh, and the meds seem to be working on my cholesterol. Not ideal yet – HDLs still too low, and LDLs and triglycerides both still too high (the triglycerides were cut in half – yay!), but I’ve added daily cranberry juice, mostly daily steel-cut oats and still-not-quite-enough aerobic exercise on the elliptical.  Looking for more progress at my next blood draw!

Here’s hoping for a little regularity in my infrequent posts…

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