“I’m the same person”

No…that’s not me. It’s part of a quote I heard yesterday from a candidate for state office:

“When I see people that have known me my whole life they tell me I’m the same person, you haven’t changed.”

How sad.

Oh, I know he’s saying what he thinks needs to be said to get elected, and my taking exception by my interpretation of his comment is a little over the top. But think about it: to never improve oneself violates a fundamental moral imperative. I know am not the same man I was twenty years ago – our family doctor is an osteopath and I only knew what Martin Gardner had to say on that subject from 1952 (chiropractic is still quackery, though. I am not the same man I was even five years ago – if I were, I wouldn’t be receptive to the concept of emotional intelligence. I’m certainly not the same man I was last year.

Anyway, everyday I learn something new and I adapt … change. To proudly claim to be the “same man”? For that alone, the undistinguished gentleman running for office wouldn’t get my vote. But it gets worse… he wants “creationism” taught in schools, because

“Science has been proven wrong in many different areas. I think when it comes to the (U.S.) Environmental Protection Agency, they utilize political science and not environmental science all the time. And I think we need to sue … we need to present all theories so students can have options. I believe in creationism.”

Um … he’s wrong on so many levels it’s really unfair to pick on him. “Political science”?  Let’s set aside that there’s not much “science” in political science (opinion, but then this is my blog!) How does anyone make that statement? How does anyone tie the EPA to creationism? He clearly doesn’t understand scientific theories, and that “creationism” is not one. Unsaid, but just in case, calling creationism “creation science” still doesn’t make it science.

And he also clearly doesn’t understand that the only thing that has ever proven science wrong has been more science. Science needs to be taught. Teach whatever else you want at home.

The candidate pickings are scary here.

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