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My 2014 Reading List – First Quarter

Goodreads goal for 2014: 100 books (again)

The way I’ve been recounting my book readings the past couple of years means overly long posts (100+ books with comments?). For 2014, I’ve decided to break up the year into quarters.

A few of the books I read these three months were quite long, so I’m off the pace by one according to the challenge master.

For the first quarter:

  • 14 nonfiction
  • 9 fiction
  • I’ve rated 4 as five-star (you-really-should-read-this) on Goodreads
  • I gave 0 books a one-star rating (not-only-no-but-really-no)…guess I was lucky so far.
  • I’ve linked all of my Goodreads reviews (even if only one line) to each title, in case anyone is interested in what I thought beyond the commentary below. If not, the review page still links back to the Goodreads main page for the book.

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