A milestone … of sorts

A little story to share:

A man walked home from the bus stop everyday after work. One Monday, as he passed a particularly large front yard a couple of blocks from his house, he saw a swan-shaped bathtub right in the middle of the lawn. The next day, there were three more tubs. On Wednesday, there were two more. clamshell bathtubEach day there were more and more tubs: claw footed, some with gilded faucets, oval, rectangular, enamel, blue, white, ivory, clamshell…all manner of shapes, sizes and colors.

His walk took longer each day as he marveled and counted (and secretly wondered why the City hadn’t said anything) the tubs. After about two months, a strange thing happened: he counted 99 tubs , and then the next day…99. And the next…also 99. After three weeks of no change (he counted each one every day), he went up to the door of the eccentric and knocked. “Yes?”, answered a kindly older gentleman. “I couldn’t help noticing your that your collection has 99 tubs, and hasn’t changed for a while now. Why don’t you make it an even 100?”

“Are you crazy?” the older man cried, “What would I do with a 100 tubs?”

So…it turns out that this is my 100th post to this blog. I’ve not written much in the past year. Folks still find me by the same search terms: Robert Anton Wilson (still!), how to fix an iTunes library, Darwin, Stephen Hawking…but not too much new stuff. I could say it’s due to some life changing events and such, but really, after those events I had other priorities. I did have plenty to say, plenty to share. But every time I made notes to flesh out later, I found myself torn between reading something new, or writing something that had just became old because there was another “new” just over there.

So, I opted for the reading. I will be 53 in a month, and if I read 100 books every year for the next 40 years, I’ve only got 4000 books left to me. That’s rather sobering.

Anyway, I know now what I would do with 100 blog posts: springboard to the next 100 by tearing myself away from my reading to write more.


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