iOS8 can’t get here soon enough

Back in September, when I “upgraded” my iPad mini to the iOS 7 I instantly found the new look abhorrent and have been whining about it ever since. And while I am baffled, I am also impressed at the PR machine that is Apple because I get updates from otherwise sane developers who say something like, “now updated to the beautiful iOS7 look!” The italics are mine, but the “beautiful” is not made up…some idiot out there drank CrApple’s Kool-Aid or is just stroking their bloated ego.

I thought that some of the features of the OS were worth the downgrade in appearance, which I have learned to tolerate somewhat. As my iPhone at the time kept pestering me with a notice that wouldn’t go away that I had an OS upgrade ready, I “upgraded” it. Note: the phone was a 4, which was just fine….until…iOS 7.

Why? Why would CrApple push an OS to a platform that clearly couldn’t handle it? Normally, I do my research, but I’d been a bit distracted and on that day I was home sick with what seems like a migraine. Bad on me.

No…bad on CrApple. After the downgrade, text characters took six seconds(!) to show up after typing them! Epic fail. Worse yet, after I found that the old OS was still available and a way to backtrack, disaster prevailed.

Now, I did make a backup prior to any changes. I then downloaded the firmware. I restored the phone using that firmware – CrApple wipes everything…not sure why, but hey! I made a backup, right? Well… after that reboot, CrApple’s bloody brilliant twits made another backup! …which wouldn’t be a problem except my most favorite of all CrApple software …the dreaded iTunes…failed to find my backup!

I tried multiple ways … even copying the backup files to the only visible package…and CrApple iTunes went through the motions of a 40 minute restore only to have nothing actually restored. I lost a ton of data last year that I, using prudent foresighted, backed up.

Ultimately, I got an iPhone 5S – I like the fingerprint sensor. My wife still uses an iPhone 4S, which serves her well now but I know will fail when the iOS8 comes out because of that planned obsolescence.

Meanwhile, we deal with daily (many times a day) Safari and Chrome crashes under the iOS7. My camera app fails all the time on both the iPad and iPhone, and don’t get my wife started on their map app…no end of frustration when she’s navigating. I use Google’s map app, which doesn’t stop the directions when you tab over to another app (more frustration for her).

We’ll keep the devices we’re comfortable with. Mine has learned to autocorrect “crapp” to CrApple”, so it can’t be all that bad, right?


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