More Random Shots

A quick triple shot…like my morning espresso…plus a bonus.

Disney with Dad

A lot of us my age enjoyed The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights.  My wife more than not joined her Homeschool Momma friends on Sundays on their Moms’ Night Out excursions, so on February 20, 2011, I initiated “Disney with Dad”. I marked the occasion on Facebook:

I grew up with The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights. My kids are getting a version of it, too. Tonight – Blackbeard’s Ghost with Dean Jones and Peter Ustinov. Might have to add the original Herbie to Netflix to work this tradition. Sure wish Sammy the Way Out Seal was on DVD.


It took a bit to find it, but we watched Sammy the Way Out Seal on March 30th of this year.

Casio Pathfinder

casio watchI shared this on Facebook and it deserves a spot here. Andrea got me this solar-powered Casio Pathfinder 2767 watch in 2004. It was on my nightstand on July 31st, 2013. I cleaned the soot and stuck it in a bag of baking soda for a few months because the smell was too much.

When we moved back in to the house on January 27th, it was packed away somewhere and I didn’t know where. Andrea found it in June in a jewelry bag that had been in the closet since January. Not only was it still working after nearly five months in the dark, the analog hands (usually the first to lag in power-saving mode) were still correct.

The batteries in all of my other watches in that bag were dead. And it only took 25 minutes in the full Texas sun to recharge the Casio.

That’s why I kept a smoke infused plastic watch. Better than the Timex it cloned. {And I don’t smell the smoke on the watch anymore.}

Facebook ads

I have a good ad-blocker on my desktop, so I never see ads when I’m on Facebook there, which makes them more noticeable when I’m on my iPad. Like just now, Walden University is telling me that Doctoral Grant are Available.

“Free” comes with strings, and back in 2011, FB made it so there was “No opting out of Facebook turning your check-ins, likes into ads“.

That was then, and the “now” is worse. Seconds … seconds … after my wife clicks away from an Amazon search and the Safari on her iPad (never use Safari on a desktop…bad juju) refreshes (eternal frustration with that, CrApple!) her Facebook page…whatever she was just looking at invariably shows up as a suggestion. And not just Amazon…a host of other online vendors pop up.

NSA needs to take some lessons from the Facebook and the Google.

Beer of the Night

Andrea is the best beer shopping partner!  I can talk myself out of almost anything, and she’ll say, “Why not?”

She almost never drinks the stuff, and never any of what I like, so it’s all for me! We were out on an unscheduled date-night and I saw this Southern Tier Warlock while waiting in line at the checkout. I said, “Maybe next time”, and she said, “When’s next time?”

An imperial stout with pumpkin…weighing in with 8.6% ABV (alcohol by volume). Spiced, mildly dark, hardly bitter, it’s a good beer.

Southern Tier Warlock

Recommended, when the season is right.



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