Blog flurry

In May, WordPress congratulated me on being with them five years. I thought it rather ungrateful of me that in all that time I had logged fewer than 100 posts, so I resolved to see if I could write a post every day in July.

Hence (interesting word that people try to work into conversation) the flurrious (interesting just-coined word that no one tries to work into conversation) fury of a post a day for the past 16 days.

Andrea chuckles at my occasional obsessions. I’m certainly not OCD – my Attention D-something non-Disorder wouldn’t allow that. Hyper-focus at times? maybe, but the “obsessions” are of an entirely different sort.

Like when I decided to watch all 156 episodes of The Twilight Zone in their original airing order. That obsession took more than two and a half years!

Other “obsessions”:

  • listening to all of Mozart’s symphonies or all of Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsodies in order
  • the entire Rush catalog in order of release, including solo albums (and in the case of Neil Peart, his contributions on a Buddy Rich tribute)
  • entire Pink Floyd catalog – including their movie scores

Another peculiarity is my stubbornness when it comes to books…no matter how bad (William Gibson’s Neuromancer and Glenn Beck’s Arguing with Idiots immediately spring to mind) a book is, I usually slog through it to the bitter end. In the case of Gibson…I couldn’t, but with Beck I endured the loss of many brain cells finishing it.

Another obsession that eventually fell by the wayside was buying a local newspaper for each son on his birthday (including their days of birth). I wanted them to have a semi-capsule of what was going on in the world and how much things cost at the time for each birthday.

These quirks are nutty to some, but not to me. So, my writing a blog post a day for July is a test to see if I could (I’ve been sorely tempted to stop a few times already) and to give myself perspective on those who do write everyday. It’s not easy…especially if you have a job and a life.

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