“Painting with TWO Twists”

Far too often in this country we blame the teacher for the performance of the students. This is wrong, as you will soon see, because tonight I took Andrea’s class at Painting with a Twist.

When we were first married, Andrea wanted to make a quilt, and the quilt she chose was quite complex. I think she learned to speak sailor on that quilt. After the class, I asked Andrea, “Do you remember your quilt? This is my quilt.” She asked me, “Because you chose a hard one first?” And I said, “No. Because it’s the only one I’ll ever do.”

I was supposed to paint this:

Starry Night (which is a simplified this:)


You know how some paintings look better from a distance? My painting is best appreciated if you step back to …say…Oslo.

photo 2

I decided to call my piece “Painting with TWO Twists. It shouldn’t be hard for  the reader to figure out what the two twists are in this small section:

photo 1

So, gosh…now that I’m a…{gasp}…painter, I can have an opinion on primary color rectangles, and whatever color drips (but I’ll reserve it).

I’m even more impressed with Andrea and other artists (except the squares and drips), because it’s not easy for me, but I did try it.

Shameless bragging plug here: Andrea is a great teacher and makes her classes LOTS of fun. It’s not her fault she had me for a pupil! If you are in the DFW area, I encourage you to check her out.

Unless you’re a guy. Then no checking her out!


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