Lousy vikings

I’ve got a pretty good filter on my gmail account, but for some reason it wouldn’t learn that almost everything from one particular address was ignorant spam with some racism thrown in every now and then. I finally made a specific filter that sent everything from that person to trash. Before I delete the emails, I’ll scan the Trash and Junk folders to make sure the emails are really trash.

If, despite repeated protests on my part, I am subjected to non-sense sent to me as part of a blanket email, I will sometimes infrequently, but admittedly not rarely enough, succumb to my inner persnickety and perversely counter it with sense. I’ll send out a “reply all” with an appropriate debunking link (snopes.com or factcheck.org are always good starting points). It may be unfair to the whole of the list, but consider it my contribution to shining a little light on those New Dark Ages residents buying into the mental illness that increases the Ignorance Quotient of our country.

My contradiction of the lunacy with fact sometimes results in backlash. I get a kick out of the “DO NOT EMAIL ME AGAIN” and the more polite “Hi, please take me off your list.” responses. I wonder if that mean they agree with the idiocy? or maybe they don’t want the drivel either and assume I’m contributing.

I think Ron White knew better than anyone, and my counters do no good.

And as my handful of Facebook friends know, I don’t like spam, but my friend here who doesn’t want me to make a fuss, loves it:


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