Go ahead. Say it like Tom Hanks! Or…. Try to not say it…in your head.

I loaded my blog page for my daily July blog post and saw the stats for today. Not to brag or anything, but they are decimal dust on the scale of the blogosphere. But the funny bit is that Robert Anton Wilson still brings folks here. The search term was “schrodinger’s cat trilogy explanation”, which took someone to my Schrodinger’s Cat Trilogy – review…in which I was less than kind. Scathing might be a better term. And then the person (surely, it had to be the same person) wandered into two other of my Wilson pages, “On Robert Anton Wilson” and “R. A. Wilson’s Quantum Psychology – a critique“, both of which either inspired anger or opened some eyes:

blog stats 72414No comments left again, so I don’t need to fake an apology (who am I kidding? so not happening!). I do get rare comments on my Goodreads.com reviews, but not my blog. Still, I built it and they still come. There’s something lasting about that guy, and I will never understand what it is.

Sidebar from the RAWilson thing: as I was looking at my blog stats, I thought of BOGSAT. That’s an acronym I learned from a CO who spent a bit of time in the Pentagon. It stands for:

Bunch Of Guys Sitting Around Talking

Usually pertains to a meaningless meeting. Blog stat…BOGSAT. Both worthless.

Unlike Tom Hanks, I’m not sorry [Robert Anton] Wilson. You were a nut who didn’t like people smarter than you (the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry) who picked on your hero, Wilhelm Reich, for quackery.

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