Blog Redux-ion

Robert Anton Wilson’s appearance in the search terms yesterday sparked a few revisits to past topics.

Twitter Redux

I revealed back in May that I got a Twitter account  despite my stance on the “online social networking and microblogging service”. In the three months since, I have to say I’ve seen very little of value. The jury’s still out.

And I’ve still not sent my first twit.

More Vikings

The spammer sent another one that went directly to my trash: “A Shock to NBC”.  ’twas about “In God We Trust”.

That one’s been floating around for a while. As Gunny Groh said in my “re-boot” camp at the Naval Science Institute in 1989: “too slow…get back”.

CrApple and iOS8

I tongue-in-cheek titled a post “iOS8 can’t get here soon enough”, but the reality is it can take its time.

CrApple is sticking with it’s ugly flat look.

I imagine they’ll still have the emetic colors.

Stephen Hawking

…is another search term that brings people to my page. He’s been in the news a couple of times in recent weeks. Some twit (no relation to the “online social networking and microblogging service”) named Nicholas Kristof alluded in a backhanded way to Hawking supporting Hamas because he chose to boycott an Israeli conference.

What an ass.

Kristof. Not Hawking.


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