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Old labels need new definitions

I’m not a fan of the generic political labels thrown around today. Politicians in my geospot have to add “conservative” to their signs or they won’t get elected. I’ve been called “liberal” but those people don’t really know me. Or, more likely, they don’t know the definitions of the labels they use.

I’ve written and posted in other places my current definitions for “liberal” and “conservative”, but here they are for anyone happening across this “Last Chance for Gas” blog:

“Conservative” – someone who is against the Democratic Party

“Liberal” – someone who is NOT against the Democratic Party

Sure seems that way to me. The old definitions are out the door. I’m not against the Democratic Party, so I guess my definition fits. But I’m certainly not for the Republican Party or their personal media arm, FoxNews, so that apparently makes me even more of a “liberal”. Now, taking the counter-position, I’m also not against the Republican Party, misguided as many of them seem to be, but I’m also not for the Democratic Party, misguided as many of them seem to be. Regardless, my stance on intelligent assessment of the sham that is Fox and the posturing of candidates for who could be the most “conservative” (ask any of them to define the term…I’m betting they can’t) seems to color me as a…um… “liberal”.

The reality is, I hold positions that appear to be for and against issues on both sides of the political aisle. I am neither “liberal” not “conservative”…politically, that is. I can be quite conservative in my personal life, but the word leaves a bad taste. Politically, I am pretty much center, but the failure of politicians to ensure that religion has no impact on politics casts me to one side more than the other. Practice what you wish, but be mindful that others don’t practice what you wish.

When libel and slander became acceptable in the media, entities like Fox could masquerade their agenda as “fair and balanced”, and people like Ted Nugent and Rush Limbaugh could get away with threats and slander that would in past eras generate a Secret Service investigation. The Foxes of the current media shepherd their viewers to drive the agenda of my definition of “conservative” above. And they’ve driven it so far to the wrong that anyone who is anything slightly to the left of the spew coming from the “right” wing media is labeled as “left”.

The poor center-aligned folks who actually think things through come off as radicals. I don’t really have a label for true far left-thinking people…perhaps “uber-radicals”?

So, in addition to my “conservative” and “liberal” labels, I also saw that there are college entrance exam worthy word associations and antonyms to play with:

Q: If Democrats are the opposite of Republicans (just go with it…), and Democrats are associated with Progressive policies, then Republicans are associated with _______ policies?

A: Regressive.

Equal rights, women’s medical rights, trickle down nonsense, the environment, sectarian policies…

Yep. Regressive.