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Still The One…29  

On March 29th, 2015 I will have been married 29 years to my beloved Andrea Davis. Below are 29 reasons – stream-of-consciousness and in no particular order, sort of, and by no means all there are – why she was … and why she still is “The One”.

  1. Her eyes. Well, those were the first things I saw in a picture. Captivating.
  2. She’s my best friend.
  3. She thinks. She’s one of the brightest, deepest people I know.
  4. She reads and absorbs different things than I do – which help her grow in different ways. And she applies those learnings.
  5. Her capacity to love.
  6. She makes me laugh. And she lets me make her laugh (plus puts up with bad jokes).
  7. We always have and still like spending time together.
  8. She can be catlike – meaning, she lets me know when she’s had enough time together!
  9. She’s reinvented herself more times than I can remember.
  10. She never wants to be afraid to do or try something. Teaching painting to 45 people? Throw her in that patch. Learn to weld? Sure! Skydive? Okay, we might have to talk about that one. 
  11. She calls out my failings that need to be called out…thankfully, usually in a gentle way. She also points out my unfailings.
  12. She doesn’t need diamonds to be happy. But I love the look on her face when she sees flowers. 
  13. Mother to my sons.
  14. She’s raised those sons to be kind, caring, polite members of society, and taught those sons what it takes to be a good husband (you’re welcome, ladies).
  15. She’s homeschooled those sons.
  16. She can be the best friend to have and she loves her friends always and unconditionally; she can reconnect instantly even after years of separation (military moves can do that).
  17. She’s a great listener. (One reason she’s a great friend.)
  18. She puts up with my quirks.
  19. Best beer wingman…especially as she doesn’t like beer all that much!
  20. She’s very determined.
  21. Even when she’s been wronged by someone cruel, she can forgive that person. The STILL amazes me.
  22. She makes sure birthdays and holidays are special. And vacations. Cakes, gifts, experiences…all special.
  23. She’s a great cook. 
  24. She nudges, encourages, and yes…sometimes pushes me.
  25. We think alike on so many levels, and yet also not alike on others. And that’s good.
  26. She’s my biggest fan.
  27. She advocates – for our family, other people, artists… you do want her in your corner.
  28. After all this time, we tell the same stories, finish sentences…and it’s all good.
  29. She wants me just as much today as I want her.

In 2013, I wrote 45 reasons why I love her and didn’t go back and look at that when I came up with these 29, so if there is overlap, well…that should tell you something. I need more years to equal the too many reasons, babe…here’s to a lot more!