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Freedom of speech comes with strings

Adults should be measured in speech. Even though we have a right in this country to speak our mind, sometimes we just can’t, even if an x-elect can impugn with no consequences and rebuttals are met with antipathy. Certain association challenge that fundamental right. Sucks. But that’s life.

When one sees injustice, idiocy & stupidity…blatant lies…it can be frustrating to not be able to say something, even if only to point out facts. But one has to be wary of losing sales, or offending decision makers.


Resorting to too subtle sarcasm, or too over-their-heads innuendo that you’d have to explain is unbecoming…but perversely satisfying.

From no consensus to open hatred

I want to share something (with permission) a friend wrote:

I have seen and heard the most vile and hate mongering commentary from the voting (and non-voting) community this year than ever before. I understand all the frustration and anger being felt, as well as having the freedom of voicing “colorful” opinions. I’m referring to those people who display a mind-boggling depth of out-of-control anger that has them speaking and writing such horrifying commentary. This kind of behavior speaks more to their own character than that of the candidates. If that kind of hatred could make a positive difference or affect change that’s one thing. But there seems to be too many people out there who feel horrible inside themselves on a daily basis (that has nothing to do with politics), and this election season has been an excuse to spit it out into the world with a vengeance.

How sadly true. The anger is growing and that disturbs me, as it should disturb anyone. I think that one side of the political coin has been feeding off of, deliberately feeding into, and capitalizing on fear for a couple of decades and now that anger has been given a pseudo-legitimacy, well, they went pro on the fear long ago and seem to me to be licking their chops at the opportunities anger presents. Continue reading