Road trips and Baskin Robbins

So I just drove 2,000 plus miles in the span of ten days…980 a week ago Saturday out and back to drop off our 26 foot LuLaRoe custom built trailer to its new owner (I met her halfway), and then a pair of 450 milers (up and back) to visit our best friends in Tennessee this past weekend. On the way back, I recalled another road trip I blogged about on Dangerous Intersection way back in 2010. In that post (Road Trips, Nertz and ADD), I mused on driving to Tennessee to see our friends, playing a card game called Nertz, and what goes through my head while I’m driving.

Yes…same friends! Different tour for Rick, but back in Tennessee seven years later. And yes…Nertz again! We play it a bit differently, but this will give you a little idea:NertzOn this particular return trip, I was listening to Andrea alternate between quiet concentration on her business (LuLaRoe) and verbal frustration over the perpetual failings of the CrApple Autocowrong. She had a playlist for maybe half the time…I’m okay with the music or the quiet (I had Paul Simon as the soundtrack in the brain background). Just managing the weariness from a lot of travel and little sleep the week/life before, and the ADD…always buzzing.

And another road trip popped into my head… April 2nd, 1986. My first with Andrea. A little different …she was driving a rental truck and I a Pontiac Sunbird from Cincinnati, Ohio to our new home in Hampton, Virginia as I was due to report to duty aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) on April 4th. Okay, technically, it wasn’t the first road trip together, but it was the first of many, many road trips as married folk.

We’ve driven a lot of miles together. I have no idea how many a “lot” is anymore, but criss-crossing the country multiple many times, jaunts to see redwoods, sequoias, caves, family, … well…I know we put 250,000 miles alone on our first two custom vans. So a “lot” is a lot.

I do most of the driving, but I like it that way, and so does she. Feival goes WestI don’t know how many times I listened to Feival Goes West, The Great Mouse Detective, The Rescuers, and Down Under…and had never actually seen them! (I’ve rectified all but Feival’s western travels…still haven’t seen that one.) And for the younger two, there were the Ninja Turtles, Transformers,  and well…I can’t remember them all. Now, if any of the family are with us, they’re usually listening to their own music through headphones. And the movies have changed a wee bit…last April, Drew wanted to watch Saw on the road to Ohio, so I listened to that.

Anyway, as we’ve grown to “a certain age”, we still like to road trip. Andrea needs those times without the business from home intensity of always having to be present, even if those times involve business on the road. We no longer have a custom van, but  – again with that “certain age” – we ride in the comfort of a 2005 Tahoe.

As for the blog title reference…on March 29, 1986 we married in Ohio.  15 moves, four sons, one daughter-in-law and two grandkids, a passel of pets, a Navy career, … and 31 years later, we’re still going strong.baskin-robbinsThe road trips take more out of me than they used to. Comes with being almost 56, I suppose. But you know what? I love them. I have been tripping with my best friend and best travel partner for 31 years and I’m happy when we take these trips. I look forward to many, many, many more.

So here’s the man walking down the street who’s short of attention…almost like it was written for me, eh?! Happy Anniversary babe!


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