The Lilliput Legion by Simon Hawke

The Lilliput Legion (Time Wars, #9)The Lilliput Legion by Simon Hawke

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’ve been crunching a lot of numbers the past few weeks and have reader’s block, which is problematic because I owe feedback to an author whose book I downloaded a couple of months ago and I’m only a quarter through it! So…I turn to standbys when that affliction surfaces.

Hawke’s books are such, though I’ve only read the last 4 books of this series once through. Been a while since I’d read this. Enjoyable distraction even if this one seemed rushed and sparse on literary overlap. I keyed something this time that is one of the few things I do remember from the first time (able to recognize correct answer when shown, and all): a character says “When one routinely deals in light years, one doesn’t sweat the occasional ten minutes.”

Hawke (yes, originally a pen name but he made legal) did such a great job writing pseudo-scientific explanations for his time travel theme but didn’t make the units agree?! Still, block nearly broken (not done crunching those numbers…)

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