More Weird Things Customers Say in BookshopsMore Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops by Jen Campbell

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I’m half playing hooky from a few other books that are requiring more than a few cognitive timeshare slices – two are review copies and I have a review partially written for one I just finished – and humor helps. I’d read the first Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops and thanks to my Goodreads memory, I realized it was six years ago! Ms. Campbell left me a comment on April 17 (2013) that her sequel was coming out the next day, but one book led to another and 600+ books later…I’m finally getting to it! I also need to make amends for my two word “review” (it was “Too funny”) back in 2013 …

Delightful, and head-scratching at times, all rolled into a quick read, you’ll chuckle and shake your head. Ms. Campbell has sorted her collected weird things into those said in the bookshop where she works (worked?), said in other bookshops, and a few said at her book signings for the first book. Here are a few teasers to tempt you:

The other day, a customer asked me [Ms. Campbell] what my favourite ‘weird thing’ was. I told him that changed all the time, but I have a particular fondness for the person who asked if Anne Frank had written a sequel to her diary.

(In another bookstore, a customer wanted to know what the bookseller would pay for a signed copy of said Diary and was pleased to learn “a billion dollars”!) I thought that anecdote was funny and also keyed on what she said: I rarely have “favorites”…because they, too, change all the time. How about?

CUSTOMER: Do you have audiobooks on sign language?


(Elderly female customer is looking at the chart) CUSTOMER: I can’t believe everybody’s reading this Fifty Shades …
BOOKSELLER: I know. I take it it isn’t your cup of tea, then?
CUSTOMER: Oh, no dear; been there, done that – no need to read about it!

And this gem from Phoenix, Arizona:

CUSTOMER: Do you have a large print Bible on cassette? My mom’s hard of hearing.
[submitted by] Steve Laube: A Christian Bookstore, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Back in 1959, Art Linkletter collected the darndest things kids said, and in 2013 Ms. Campbell collected more of the weirdest things adults and kids said. Have fun!

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