The Language Warrior’s Manifesto by Anton Treuer

The Language Warrior's ManifestoThe Language Warrior’s Manifesto by Anton Treuer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s a rare day when I get a review copy that hadn’t even made it into the Goodreads database yet. I received access from the publisher Minnesota Historical Society Press through Edelweiss.

Dr. Treuer has written histories of the Ojibwe and this is a localized history of the efforts to revitalize and preserve the Ojibwe language (and culture.) He explains how he learned the language from first speakers and then purposed to pass it on. And, he explains in detail how he and others established an Ojibwe primary language environment. He also writes extensively on the lessons learned, hurdles to overcome (and how to do so), weaving in lessons from other language restoration efforts (Hawaiian being a prime example.)

Unfortunately, right after I finished this, I lost my iPad with all my notes. The book is well composed and well-written. I recommend this to anyone interested in First People languages (it’s not a dictionary), First People, or even just language preservation.


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