Boom Time by Michelle E. Lowe

Boom TimeBoom Time by Michelle E. Lowe

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I got a review copy of Ms. Lowe’s first novel of her Legacy series and quickly ran through the other five in just over a month (I sort of did have other reading on my plate!) Through a smattering of snippet correspondence with her over some questions and feedback, I learned she’d written the six in succession over a year and a half. And she sent me a copy of this with a kind inscription, “To Jim, I’m glad our paths have crossed {smiley face} Enjoy Boom Time!” Between a December vacation, holidays, a bout of flu, and just life, not to mention finishing a few other reading projects, I didn’t get back to this until the end of January. And of course, I got interrupted…

One thing about a big story arc, even spread over six novels, is that sometimes a writer doesn’t get a chance to explore something that she didn’t expect needed exploring. Or, maybe she did expect it, but couldn’t stop the other work. Have you ever wanted a part of a story glossed over to have a bigger life? That is Boom Time. Parts alluded to in a couple of the Legacy series blown up big into its own novel. We get to find out what happened during an interlude. And I enjoyed the time spent – don’t mistake, I enjoyed the Legacy arc, but this didn’t have the burden of context or the problems of hints dropped out of the wrong place. And Ms. Lowe got to stir in a bit more steampunk.

So, I enjoyed this quite a bit. Even more than the parent books. I look forward to the next series (a new one I’m given to understand.)

[I don’t generally summarize fiction out of respect to the author and the reader. I imagine you can find a synopsis elsewhere.]

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