About me

I am a retired Navy Civil Engineer Corps officer and former enlisted nuclear reactor operator, have a couple of degrees in mechanical engineering and a professional license in civil engineering. I hug trees yet (hypocritically) have driven a large custom van on occasion – now a hybrid SUV. My wife and I have home educated (aka “homeschooled”) since 1993, “graduating” our four sons (32, 28, 22 and 20).

We’re probably different than most people you know, but almost all of our best and oldest friends are very different than us – we like it that way!

Family decked out

I also have a beer semi”blog” page on Facebook I called WWJD – What Would Jim Drink, and a beer group with the simple name that started as a joke, but I decided to keep it… We Like Beers.

Plus you can find my book reviews on Goodreads, LibraryThing, NetGalley, First to Read, and Edelweiss…