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Beer and Coffee Snobbery

A synonym for “snob” is “highbrow”, which in turn has some synonyms which I’ll shamelessly admit I’ve been called, and some certainly not: cerebral, scholarly, wise, bookish, brainy, cultivated, cultured (haven’t been mistaken for that), erudite, intelligent, intellective (I like that one!), learned, studious.

All those sound better than “snob”, but snob I am when it comes to coffee and beer. Continue reading

Whispering sweet somethings

I don’t know how many times I’ve said it, but I still maintain there are only two food groups: chocolate….and that other stuff that keeps me from falling down.

Now, not all chocolate is good. The I’ve-never-heard-of-this-company Easter bunny maker? Not good. Whitman’s or Stover’s? Near bottom rung. Ghirardelli? Second tier. And the best somewhat commercially available chocolate is See’s candies. Yes… I’m a chocolate snob. Not a connoisseur, but a snob nonetheless. Quality local chocolate makers are a treat and one of our delightful finds is a boutique chocolatier here in the Dallas area. They make exotic combinations and I got one of my favorites this past weekend.

Oh…and I got beer. Good beer (snob, remember?) Which leaves me with two stories to share about my Fathers’s Day and the decision as to which is first…

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