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“Painting with TWO Twists”

Far too often in this country we blame the teacher for the performance of the students. This is wrong, as you will soon see, because tonight I took Andrea’s class at Painting with a Twist.

When we were first married, Andrea wanted to make a quilt, and the quilt she chose was quite complex. I think she learned to speak sailor on that quilt. After the class, I asked Andrea, “Do you remember your quilt? This is my quilt.” She asked me, “Because you chose a hard one first?” And I said, “No. Because it’s the only one I’ll ever do.”

I was supposed to paint this:

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More Random Shots

A quick triple shot…like my morning espresso…plus a bonus.

Disney with Dad

A lot of us my age enjoyed The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights.  My wife more than not joined her Homeschool Momma friends on Sundays on their Moms’ Night Out excursions, so on February 20, 2011, I initiated “Disney with Dad”. I marked the occasion on Facebook:

I grew up with The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights. My kids are getting a version of it, too. Tonight – Blackbeard’s Ghost with Dean Jones and Peter Ustinov. Might have to add the original Herbie to Netflix to work this tradition. Sure wish Sammy the Way Out Seal was on DVD.


It took a bit to find it, but we watched Sammy the Way Out Seal on March 30th of this year. Continue reading

Comedy of Heirs

I was remembering when Brandon was in kindergarten and one particular day when we picked him up from school. The class had been working through a (age-appropriate) unit on drug and alcohol awareness. His teacher motioned us to a mildly private area and told us that Brandon had announced to everyone that his Dad had to be an alcoholic…because I had beer in the refrigerator. Andrea and I laughed, because I rarely drank beer and had that beer in there for a few months! Now, more than 20 years later, I can say even if I did drink it, it wasn’t beer…merely the ignorant purchase of an American light lager. Beer snobbery aside…that was quite funny. Continue reading

Dear Apple

Just some selected letters to my favorite consumer electronics company…

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