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Books that stuck with me


Eight years ago, there was a Facebook thing going around about 15 Books in 15 Minutes – write down within 15 minutes 15 books that have stuck with you. I saw it pass through my Memories and started thinking (I didn’t look at what I wrote back then…perhaps I’ll visit after I write this and see…) about what books I would choose, 2017 version. But I’m not playing the time limit, nor, apparently, the 15 limit. Here are books that have stuck with me – mostly fiction, and some background as to why. The first five are in preference order, the rest are sort of fungible…and this has been a chore to format…Wordpress seems to have a hard time with a lot of images, links and whatever… Continue reading


In My Life – My Beatles Story

31868677I got an advance, pre-publication look at In Their Lives – a book in which the editors asked people to write stories about their favorite Beatles songs. As I read it, I reflected on my own Beatles experience. As with many things, I don’t have a favorite. I think “favorites” are self-limiting.

But I do have stories (surprise!) of how I came to know The Beatles. Continue reading

What book do you want for the apocalypse?

I posed a hypothetical question to Facebook on April 4th, 2014:

Imminent global catastrophe…nuclear/comet/meteor/Yellowstone volcano eruption/Rush Limbaugh gets elected President/whatever…

You are able to get to a shelter that theoretically should keep you safe and can take one book (there will be no internet/wiki when you come out), and one book only.

What book do you take? And why?

I’ll reveal mine later.

Library Continue reading

Road trips and Baskin Robbins

So I just drove 2,000 plus miles in the span of ten days…980 a week ago Saturday out and back to drop off our 26 foot LuLaRoe custom built trailer to its new owner (I met her halfway), and then a pair of 450 milers (up and back) to visit our best friends in Tennessee this past weekend. On the way back, I recalled another road trip I blogged about on Dangerous Intersection way back in 2010. In that post (Road Trips, Nertz and ADD), I mused on driving to Tennessee to see our friends, playing a card game called Nertz, and what goes through my head while I’m driving. Continue reading