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In My Life – My Beatles Story

31868677I got an advance, pre-publication look at In Their Lives – a book in which the editors asked people to write stories about their favorite Beatles songs. As I read it, I reflected on my own Beatles experience. As with many things, I don’t have a favorite. I think “favorites” are self-limiting.

But I do have stories (surprise!) of how I came to know The Beatles. Continue reading

What book do you want for the apocalypse?

I posed a hypothetical question to Facebook on April 4th, 2014:

Imminent global catastrophe…nuclear/comet/meteor/Yellowstone volcano eruption/Rush Limbaugh gets elected President/whatever…

You are able to get to a shelter that theoretically should keep you safe and can take one book (there will be no internet/wiki when you come out), and one book only.

What book do you take? And why?

I’ll reveal mine later.

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Road trips and Baskin Robbins

So I just drove 2,000 plus miles in the span of ten days…980 a week ago Saturday out and back to drop off our 26 foot LuLaRoe custom built trailer to its new owner (I met her halfway), and then a pair of 450 milers (up and back) to visit our best friends in Tennessee this past weekend. On the way back, I recalled another road trip I blogged about on Dangerous Intersection way back in 2010. In that post (Road Trips, Nertz and ADD), I mused on driving to Tennessee to see our friends, playing a card game called Nertz, and what goes through my head while I’m driving. Continue reading

Correctness, political or not, is even more necessary than ever

political-correctnessSeven years ago, I had something to say about the need for political correctness. Christmas season, negative “news” fanning fake flames, mind-boggling intellectual numbness (or dearth)…at the time, I had hopes that the populace would eventually come to their senses. A couple of days ago, The Guardian ran an article, “Political correctness: how the right invented a phantom enemy“, which gave me pause to reflect on one of its theses. Could it really be one of the contributing causes to the rise of the most offensive on every level x-elects we’ve ever had? Continue reading