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There’s always another horizon…

I’m 56 years old and as my dear wife is fond of saying about herself, I’m of a certain age…

Today, I’m of a certain age at which I contemplate horizons. Oh, not what you think (though that “certain age” does lend itself to such ruminations)… we all have many horizons that we may or may not chase, and that we may not or may want to cross. Continue reading

Random thoughts to start a new year…Quantum Time, New Dark Ages, Beer Entropy, Movies in Comfort, Books, Fine Coffee, and more

Here are some odds and ends before we set our calendars back 1,000 years on January 20th. I thought of the quantum time ambiguity (sounds like a Big Bang Theory episode title) the other day when driving and realized I had a few more pseudo-random thoughts jockeying for attention…

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Freedom of speech comes with strings

Adults should be measured in speech. Even though we have a right in this country to speak our mind, sometimes we just can’t, even if an x-elect can impugn with no consequences and rebuttals are met with antipathy. Certain association challenge that fundamental right. Sucks. But that’s life.

When one sees injustice, idiocy & stupidity…blatant lies…it can be frustrating to not be able to say something, even if only to point out facts. But one has to be wary of losing sales, or offending decision makers.


Resorting to too subtle sarcasm, or too over-their-heads innuendo that you’d have to explain is unbecoming…but perversely satisfying.

Voyager … and a Motion Picture

On September 5th, 1977, Voyager 1 was launched on an interplanetary exploration mission that passed Jupiter and Saturn on its way out to and through the heliopause.


1965-delta-88-1Two years later, on Friday, December 7th, 1979 a dorm mate and I hopped in the 1965 Oldsmobile Delta 88, nicknamed the bg4Battlestar, of another dorm mate at around 11 am and headed into downtown Rochester, New York so we could catch the first showing of a movie that unbeknownst to us would link Voyager and a beloved not-yet franchise. That movie is, and always shall be, the BEST Star Trek movie ever! Oh, Wrath of Khan was better, yes, but Star Trek the Motion Picture is the best and here’s why:

Without it and all its flaws, there would be no Wrath or any of the other four sequels, no Next Generation or any of its four films, no other spinoffs. There were a handful of post-Original Series novels that might have spawned more, but odds are that avenue would have dwindled.  There might have been fanfictions and hackneyed attempts at “new” episodes, and given Hollywood’s propensity for short/under-cutting creativity by remaking old stuff, that is more probable than not.

Still, despite its cheesiness, the visuals were awesome and Jerry Goldsmith’s soundtrack, especially the sequence of the slightly re-imagined Enterprise leaving spacedock to Goldsmith’s epic score? Still gives me chills.

Voyager became V’ger, and Star Trek burst open. Voyager is still projected to continue to operate until 2025… Amazing engineering for the 1960-70s. And Star Trek is getting a new series. Continuing missions. Fantastic!