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My 2013 Reading List – First Six Months

I started the year with another ambitious goal of 100 books (using the Goodreads site to log and track), as last year I read 119. Through June, I’ve managed 58.

I’m grouping the books as I did in last year’s recap by the month in which I finished them (and fiction/nonfiction subgroups.) As the list is already quite long, and I’ve decided to tag all of the authors and titles, I’m publishing the first half of the year as a standalone.

Some quick stats for the BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): heavier on the nonfiction (again) for the six months so far this year:

  • 34 nonfiction
  • 24 fiction
  • 9 of the fiction were Arthur C. Clarke novels. The last of the Big Three (Asimov and Heinlein being the other two, though Heinlein doesn’t warrant the distinction…IMO), I think he did well with science fiction and not so well with things that involve people.
  • I’ve rated 10 as five-star on Goodreads
  • I gave 2 books a one-star rating (not-only-no-but-really-no)
  • I’ve linked all of my Goodreads reviews (even if only one line) to each title, in case anyone is interested in what I thought.

And, now to the books of the first half of 2013…

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The tangled web woven on the internet

The internet is a wonderful thing, right?

Dreams Beyond the NowAndrea suggested a recipe for me to make last night – stir fry chicken that her Pampered Chef consultant made at her show two weeks ago – but she didn’t actually have the recipe on hand. I cooked because I took Dylan and Drew to a friend’s party and she went to Incrementum III, a charity art auction benefiting alley’s house.

Shameless plug unrelated to the title: her latest piece “Dreams Beyond the Now” to the right is available. Too bad the kinetic elements (the small dandelions float above the canvas) don’t show up in this pic.

Anyway, as she didn’t have the recipe, a quick search found it here.

I’ve used the internet so many times to find instructions on how to troubleshoot and repair our Akai flatscreen, LG Tromm washer (that took a few iterations…the “service manual” said for my problem to take it to the shop!), our Kenmore refrigerator, replacing an iPhone battery (yes, it can be done – go to ifixit.com), and a plethora of computer problems, to name just a few. The value is tremendous.

On the flipside of that information coin, Dylan asked me about something he saw flying around on taxes and Obama…I told him he hadn’t given me enough information to answer the question, or even try to research the answer, but it was likely to be untrue, whatever it was.

That’s where the internet is not a wonderful thing, right?

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