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Road trips and Baskin Robbins

So I just drove 2,000 plus miles in the span of ten days…980 a week ago Saturday out and back to drop off our 26 foot LuLaRoe custom built trailer to its new owner (I met her halfway), and then a pair of 450 milers (up and back) to visit our best friends in Tennessee this past weekend. On the way back, I recalled another road trip I blogged about on Dangerous Intersection way back in 2010. In that post (Road Trips, Nertz and ADD), I mused on driving to Tennessee to see our friends, playing a card game called Nertz, and what goes through my head while I’m driving. Continue reading

Blog Redux-ion

Robert Anton Wilson’s appearance in the search terms yesterday sparked a few revisits to past topics. Continue reading

iOS8 can’t get here soon enough

Back in September, when I “upgraded” my iPad mini to the iOS 7 I instantly found the new look abhorrent and have been whining about it ever since. And while I am baffled, I am also impressed at the PR machine that is Apple because I get updates from otherwise sane developers who say something like, “now updated to the beautiful iOS7 look!” The italics are mine, but the “beautiful” is not made up…some idiot out there drank CrApple’s Kool-Aid or is just stroking their bloated ego.

I thought that some of the features of the OS were worth the downgrade in appearance, which I have learned to tolerate somewhat. As my iPhone at the time kept pestering me with a notice that wouldn’t go away that I had an OS upgrade ready, I “upgraded” it. Note: the phone was a 4, which was just fine….until…iOS 7. Continue reading