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In My Life – My Beatles Story

31868677I got an advance, pre-publication look at In Their Lives – a book in which the editors asked people to write stories about their favorite Beatles songs. As I read it, I reflected on my own Beatles experience. As with many things, I don’t have a favorite. I think “favorites” are self-limiting.

But I do have stories (surprise!) of how I came to know The Beatles. Continue reading


In Their Lives: Great Writers on Great Beatles Songs by Andrew Blauner – review

In Their Lives: Great Writers on Great Beatles SongsIn Their Lives: Great Writers on Great Beatles Songs by Andrew Blauner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It would be hard for me to not like this book. Beatles? Oh, yeah. I was pleased to get an advance read courtesy of First to Read.

The concept is simple: Ask writers to write about their favorite Beatles songs, tell stories of what the songs mean to them, the how and why of it all.

The responses are fascinating to me…some personal, some expository. More than a couple of things were new… composition, group politics, life events…and I’ve read a bit on the Beatles. Not surprisingly, a few tidbits were in conflict with knowledge from other sources, but that made this all the more interesting.

I don’t have a “favorite” Beatles song, nor even a favorite album or creative period. I do have a few dislikes, but even John, Paul, George and Ringo disliked some of their works. This book prompted me to reflect on how I would answer that question. And to go through the catalog again.

And again and again, because…the Beatles!

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