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Nonsense: The Power of Not Knowing by Jamie Holmes – review

Nonsense: The Power of Not KnowingNonsense: The Power of Not Knowing by Jamie Holmes

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I had this on my List because I requested it for an advanced read a couple of years ago – wasn’t selected – and decided to jump off a couple of other parallel tracks now to check it out.

It’s been my experience that lot of books like this could be reduced to a three page tract. Not so this one, but it could have been cut at least in half. I found the connection of too many of the stories – and there are a lot of stories – to the purported points rather tenuous. State a conclusion, stretch something to seemingly fit, conclude that it fits!

The short of it is that I don’t buy his premise and he didn’t convince me. People need closure (right now) to resolve ambiguity because…humans can’t handle ambiguity, so they cope? The Branch Davidian debacle happened because the FBI agents in charge couldn’t resolve David Koresh’s change in mind? Please. Continue reading