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Wilson…still! (oh yeah…and dances, movies, books and beer)

It’s been a tough few weeks for us. A lot of unwanted drama, mostly from a particularly toxic person but I’m reserving my observations on those issues for another, more serious blog post. I haven’t even checked on my blog stats lately and imagine my non-surprise to see that Mr. Robert Anton Wilson still drives the google search hits. So guess what? I’m mentioning him again.

And with that gratuitous search engine plug, moving on…

Roku and Plex Media Server

We’re really happy with our Roku player and last night, Andrea commented that we haven’t changed our watching habits…so why did we take so long to cut the cord? Comfort with the known, I guess. Now, we’re comfortable with the Roku, and I’m working around the quirks of Plex Media Server so that we can watch both our recorded shows and the ones I’ve extracted from our DVDs.

And now that I’ve completed my collection of Bugs Bunny shorts…and I do mean completed – every Bugs Bunny cartoon, including the proto-Bugs shorts…, I can now watch them all in order of release: from April 30th, 1938 to Bugs’s birthday (July 27,th 1940) all the way to July 16th, 1964. I’ve also got all of the lesser specials, collections and others that came later. As for watching them in order, well, I like to do that. I took two years to watch all of the Twilight Zone episodes in original air order. The “complete” is not without additional work, though. I discovered, though, that several are in .FLV format which I’ll have to convert to something Roku and the Plex team can understand.

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