Monthly Archives: November 2012


Resolutions are usually doomed to fail. The intellectual challenge is to enumerate them without dismissing them as folly before you finish writing them out. Perils of a skeptic, I suppose. Or a realist.

At any rate, here are some personal goals that I’d like to at least attempt, if not make a sincere effort toward in the coming year:

  • Write regularly on this blog. Seems simple enough, but there are always distractions for the ADD brain. I’d like to try to get to an actual weekly blog with semi-regular “features”. Okay, mostly irregular, but with some regularity.
  • Get back to contributing to Dangerous Intersection. A double blogging goal.
  • Read more. I’m 51. At 100 books per year, I’ve got what? three to four thousand left available to me?
  • Finally write that extended piece on home educating I’ve had in outline form in my head for the past two years.
  • (Actually work on next Halloween’s display in the off-season. So many ideas…so little time.)

Sure, I’d like to be consistent with stretching (the body doesn’t agree, hence the inconsistency); exercising; …um, sleeping – that’s probably never going to happen, so it doesn’t make the wish list; roll back the clock on the curmudgeonliness; maybe even accept psycho-whatever as legitimate sciences. (That last one was not meant to be serious.)

Oh. And world peace.